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Deliver enterprise-wide marketing automation. Automate your customer lifecycle.

Excel at Practice. Not Tools

A major misunderstanding among marketers today is that if they bring in sophisticated marketing automation tool, their job is done. In reality, even the best-in-class marketing automation tools fail if they are not mapped correctly to your day-to-day marketing practices. Our experts spend more time in understanding your marketing processes than configuring tools so that you get best of your marketing automation platform – irrespective of what it is.

Connected view of customer journey

We don’t just setup marketing automation tool. We integrate it with your entire marketing framework so that you get a connected view of entire journey of your customer. A single dashboard that bring you all the information you need before following up with a customer. Our unique methodology of automating customer journey does all tedious work on your behalf and leaves you with intelligent reports that empower you to make decisions.

Simplify marketing automation for your organization.
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Marketing Outsiders for Marketing Automation

Platform selection

Our team of marketing automation experts help you select the right platform that fits your budget and complements your marketing processes.

Framework setup

Implement marketing automation framework across your website, digital content, promotion channels and CRM platform.

Visitor Tracking

Attributing visit source and pageview details with each visit so that your sales and marketing team can increase conversions with relevant follow ups.

Behavior Scoring

Setting up a contact/lead scoring algorithm that reflects your business strategy and transcends into CRM system for smarter decision making.

Lead Capture Forms

Creating intelligent forms that appeals to visitors and increase form-fill chances.

Automated Programs

Setting up best practices for both – inbound and outbound. Creating library of communication and promotion templates that work out-of-the-box for your marketing, business development and sales team.

Alerts & Triggers

Alerts and Triggers that automatically set-off to sales & marketing team carrying relevant information that the team can follow up on.

Events & Webinar

Plugging-in with webinars and offline events to bring thought leadership engagement response for each contact on your dashboard.

Social Integration

Connecting your social media channels with website & marketing automation platform so that you can leverage them from one single application.


Building custom reports that don’t carry just numbers but meaningful insights that your team can use and act upon with follow up marketing programs.

Simplify marketing automation for your organization.
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