Search Engine Marketing

Drive sign-up from SEM. Not just clicks and visits.

Maximum ROI with minimum budget

Majority of Adwords project fail to deliver desired results due to ambitious and short-sighted keywords targeting. Our team handpicks each and every keyword with manual bidding and budget management so that every click you get from Adwords is a targeted visit. We aim not for budget but for highest CTR at minimum CPC.

Drive conversions and not visits

We don’t just setup Adwords program but also optimize visitor journey on your website to convert him into a known contact. Our custom-built tracking mechanism combined with Adwords conversion setup helps drive unknown visitors back to purpose-made landing pages so that investment you make on Adwords delivers maximum ROI.

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Marketing Outsiders for SEM

Adwords Account Setup

Set-up Adwords account with campaign and adgroup categorization that matches your business strategy.

Keywords Research

Research keywords that match your product/solution offering and can deliver highest CTR while maintaining low CPC.

Bidding & Budget

Identify the right combination of daily budget and maximum CPC that can drive maximum and meaningful clicks.

Daily Monitoring

We don’t leave anything to Google! Our Adwords certified in-house experts take charge of campaigns to ensure your budgets are safe!

Display Management

Select the right mix of audience via placement and demographics targeting so that you get maximum impressions.


Tailored remarketing programs for all different page visitors with ad copies that match the expectations of visitor.

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