Email Marketing

Carpet bombing is dead. Create Emails that deliver value.

Database Management

Key to a successful email marketing campaign lies in database. Our team of database acquisition expert help you buy the database that you really need and not just CSV records! Our best-in class email marketing tools waste no time in updating contact records that opt-out or show a positive action. Thus, with every round of email marketing, you keep getting better!

Combining value with Email

In 2015, on an average 80 emails/day were received by a common business person. We help you create emails that cut through this clutter and grabs attention of the recipient! The emails we design do carry a compelling call-to-action that help you communicate your offering in short span of time and drive the recipient back to your website.

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Marketing Outsiders for Email Marketing

Audience Segmentation

Segmenting your database for each email to ensure relevancy and success rate of each email campaign.

Email design

Creating a perfect combination of graphics and CTA links to ensure that email reaches the inbox and not spam/bulk folder.


Personalization tactics that go beyond salutation. Finding best ways of tweaking subject lines and inserting context in communication.

Ensuring deliverability

Inserting right CAN-SPAM compliance checks and setting up DKIM authorization so that your business is not red-flagged by firewalls.

Email Blast

Using the right tools for email marketing that fits your budget and delivers massive number of emails in short span of time.


Provide end-to-end email marketing report that includes deliveries, open count, click through count and visits to website.

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