Social Media Marketing

Establish domain expertise, become a trusted advisor and enhance your personal brand.

Build and Qualify Followers

The best content or promotional offer will do nothing unless you have an audience. Our social media experts will work with you to define target segment persona, criteria for selection and then utilize proprietary algorithms, methodologies and 3rd party tools to help develop the follower base aligned with your social media objectives.

Build Engagement

An engaging conversation is key to establishing thought-leadership on topics or keywords (hashtags) for your line of business. Social media experts will help you develop engaging content – blogs, whitepapers, infographics, canned demos, surveys and other creative options including curated content to engage your audience and help position you and/or your organization as topic experts.

Build and qualify followers from your target segment. Establish Thoughtleadership.
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MarketingOutsiders for Social Media Marketing

Target Profile – Persona Development

The Marketing Outsider team will seek to engage all key stakeholders within the client account to understand the broader social media strategy with explicit goals and the profile of the target customer/follower base to be developed. This will be done through surveys and series of individual interviews, followed by a presentation to client to confirm feedback.

Competitive Research on Social Media Platforms

The social media experts will conduct an exhaustive research into keyword volumes, conversation influencers, competition and will recommend strategy for engagement on each of the identified social media platforms – Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Social Media based Targeted Advertising Campaigns

The social media experts will manage your advertising program using CPC, CPM or CPA engagement metrics across multiple campaigns. Weekly reviews and recommendations will be provided to fine tune the campaigns based on spend, traffic, click and engagement metrics. The campaigns will be run based on pre-agreed and approved spend caps on a daily and monthly basis.

Analysis & Metrics Performance Reporting

The Marketing Outsider team will analyse performance against pre-established goals and metrics, using App specific metrics and reports as well as through integration with Google Analytics. The team will recommend next steps and enhancement strategies as part of the weekly report or monthly review presentation based on client preference.

Social Media Engagement Services

The Outsider team will work as an extension of your marketing team for ongoing engagement with followers and customer interaction on the various social media platforms. This may include development of content – blogs, brochures, offers, banners, infographics and also leverage existing content as well as curate industry thought-leadership content for developing followers as well as engaging them to further goals for social media marketing.

Build and qualify followers from your target segment. Establish Thoughtleadership.
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