Content Marketing

Entice, engage and convert your prospects into customers through the power of Content Marketing.

Content Mapped to your Sales Cycle

Your audience needs to be fed with different kinds of content at different stages of the sales cycle. We help you develop an end-to-end, content-rich sales funnel that grips your prospects so strong, they have no place to go! From thought leadership content at the top of the funnel to benefits illustrations and value propositions at the middle and finally impactful, valedictory content at the bottom to drive closures, we do it all for you.

Content for all Mediums and Channels

This day and age has seen multiple B2B and B2C communication channels thrive, creating new opportunities and challenges for companies. Content too needs to change form to suit these different channels. We hold expertise in redesigning and repackaging content for it to be used across various online (website, search engines, social media and mobile) and offline (direct sales, events and media) channels.

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Marketing Outsiders for Content Marketing

Website Content

A powerful website is the fuel that every sales engine needs. All your efforts direct prospects to the website and if it fails to live up to the promise, it all goes down the drain. We create impactful, SEO compliant web copy that is consistent with your overall positioning and contemporary in its look and feel to ensure your audience keeps coming back for more rich and insightful content.

Sales Kit Development

Your field force must be equipped to handle any kind of objection from prospects and educate them on the value that your product/service brings. We help you develop potent sales kits that are customized for your business needs. Brochures, flyers, presentation decks, case studies – you name it and we’ll get it ready in no time.

Social Media Content

Effective social media content is a derivative of a well thought out strategy aimed at building distinct brand image and continued audience engagement. We help you create disruptive content for various social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter that will make your brand stand out amidst the social clutter.

Rich Media Assets

In today’s information age, the attention span of your audience is very small. Rich media such as videos, infographics, slideshare presentations hold the promise of conveying your message in the most effective manner possible. Our team of content marketers and creative visualizers can conceive unique ways of delivering your message via the simple art of storytelling.

Nurturing Campaigns

Email campaigns, newsletters, blog posts, whitepapers, articles are some ways to keep your prospects engaged and grow them into MQLs and SQLs. We help you conceptualize and execute the most effective drip campaigns for your industry that successfully map the buyer journey from prospecting to closure and even beyond.

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